PSP GO, not going in USB Mode, not recognized

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    Feb 18, 2015
    Hi, first of all, hello to everybody, this forum is awesome and it has a lot of really good things to see and share, and when I am in doubt, I am always here looking for answers.

    Well the thing is, I just recently got a second hand PSP GO with 6.60 firmware, It works fine, and everything....but I am desperate...

    The device did not came with the original USB cable so I bought one from Ebay, and I proceeded to connect it to my laptop,

    The System Settings are : USB Auto Connect: ON; USB Charge: OFF; and then put the PSP GO in the "USB Connection Mode"

    what happens next it is very strange, because the PSP GO it is actually charging through the laptop, and I can see the orange light, but...., it seems not to recognize the PSP GO storage, because it does not recognize it as a system, so I cannot transfer files nor anything (like an USB), and the message is still: "Connect this system to a PC or a PS3 system using a USB Cable" even though the PSP is connected,

    I do not know, maybe is the USB Cable that is wrong, or do I need to install some kind of drivers ?; I have already installed the Media Go, and nothing happened...or perhaps the PSP GO is defective, because without the USB support it is practically worthless.

    Does somebody faced similar issue?
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    Jan 22, 2015
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    Do you have plugin remotejoy installed?