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    Aug 29, 2009
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    While I was putting my PSP back together, I used my lint free cloth to clear some dust on my faceplate, and it somehow scratched the inside of it (the outside has an protector), and my lcd screen is still perfect, and now it is bothering me.
    Anyways, I am looking to get an new psp faceplate, but I don't want to get one of those cheap ones that will make the buttons look weird or one that will break easily on me.
    I was looking at Dealextreme and they were selling the transparent one for $5 and free shipping, but the reviews said the buttons and stuff don't actually fit well. However, I was looking at another site and saw an XCM trasnparent one, which costs $25 (IIRC) so I assume its a better quality, and it comes with buttons to fit the faceplate, but can't find any reviews. Which psp faceplate should I buy? I want an transparent one. Also, where should I buy them? I am in the US.
    Suggestions? comments? opinions? any is welcome. Thank You.