PS4 5.05 Hen Crashes

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    So I got a PS4 with 5.05. I blocked all updates and setup the internet connection using Al Azif DNS'. When trying to run the HEN exploit through either the web browser or the user guide, I get a loading circle for a few seconds, then the PS4 crashes and shuts off. Kernel panic? I then have to reboot the system, and it has to go through a hard drive/file check each time upon booting up. I have tried this about 10 times now via wifi, and LAN with no success.

    Am I missing something, or doing something wrong here? Seems like every video I see online, the Al Aziz HEN payload goes through without a glitch.
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    dont panic, mate
    i was in your shoes once
    now, just stop trying to hack the console right after booting it on, give it some minutes
    next time, boot it up, then turn it off (power -> turn off, not restart), then turn it on again, try to stop it auto load exploit website when you launch browser, this would take some attempts, then try to clear browser's info, cache, cookies before doing anything else.
    try to load hen again. if success, move on. if not, start over
    once you'd managed to load hen, be sure close the page (option -> close window)
    next time, you'll just have to wait a few minutes after booting before trying to load hen.
    this work for me, so far, so good.
    edit: make sure you dont have any usb devices connected while trying to load hen
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