Hacking PS3Tools 2.3.15 - 40+ PS3 Tools.


Apr 2, 2012
United States
I just stumbled over this impressive archive of ps3 tools: PS3Tools 2.3.15
It is a huge collection of ps3 windows tools and utilities developed by Aldo Vargas.
Heres a short list of what is included in the download package:

PS3Tools Overview:

• Bruteforce Edat 1.2.1
• PS3 HDD GUI 1.3
• Bruteforce Save Data 4.1.7
• PS3 Cheats Editor 3.0
• Bruteforce EBOOT 1.3
• PKG ContentID 2.3.6
• lastGAME Customizer 1.2.2
• PS3 Ftp Data Sync 1.2.1
• PS3 Games Database 1.4.5
• PS3 ConsoleID 1.0.4
• PSP2PS3 2.1.2 "mod"
• PS3 Edat Tool GUI 1.0
• PS3 Covers Uploader 1.01
• PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.5
• Bruteforce Edat 1.0.4
• PS2 Classic GUI 2.0
• PS3 Keys 1.5.6
• PS3 Game Updates 3.0.3
• Scetool/BruteForce 2.3.3
• mmDM 02.04.02 - [DEX Game Mounter]
• PS3 FTP Client 3.0.2
• Game Settings Manager 1.0
• Create PS3_EXTRA 1.3
• PS3 Game Integrity 1.3.1
• Memory Card Manager 1.4.0
• mmRAS Server 01.01.04
• mmRAS 01.02.02
• mmTM_GUI 1.5.1
• BdEmu Partition Tool 01.05.05
• PS3 File Splitter 1.3
• PS3RIP 1.2.1
• PS3_DISC.SFB edit 1.1
• renam 1.0

I´m sure it comes in quite handy for one or the other person.
PS3Tools v2.3.15 has been released only a few days ago.


SRC: http://nforush.net/forum/ps3-tools-and-utilities/ps3tools-2-3-15-download/

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    @RichardTheKing Thank you so much for pointing out that dialog bug!! I never noticed it while finishing up these new boss fights..

    And that gap on that level should be close enough to jump if you run? I might have to lower that platform a bit maybe?
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    Thanks so much for the feedback!! You are awesome!!
    KimKong @ KimKong: Thanks so much for the feedback!! You are awesome!!