Ps3 slim cfw pricing??

Discussion in 'PS3 - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Thomas83Lin, May 27, 2014.

  1. Thomas83Lin

    Thomas83Lin Retro Gamer

    Jul 22, 2009
    United States
    Been on the fence about selling my Cfw Ps3 (2501B) 320gb, My thoughts are the bottom is fixing to drop out of the price cause of the ps4 being released. I'm mainly just curious whats its worth

    I bought this Ps3 new soon after a free jailbreak solution was released as a extra Ps3. I'd estimate at max only about 200 hours on the console and the tamper seal is also still intact, not that it matters on the playtime cause I'm not sure how to prove that. It would also come with the necessary cords and 1 dual shock controller. So any Idea's. Just watched a cfw 120gb slim that's been took apart go for 245 including shipping on ebay.

    btw if I did decide to sell it, it would be on Craigslist,maybe ebay. But really I'm only interested in local pickup.


    EDIT: Update, had afew bumps but ending up selling the Ps3 on Ebay for $290 not including shipping. I would have gotten more but my ad got reported, I believe because I wouldn't sell it to someone for a low ball offer ($225). After that I had to shorten my duration so it would sell before getting reported again.
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