PS3 on a vga moniter?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Tutorials' started by dragonblood9999, Jul 20, 2013.

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    hello everyone on gbatemp.

    I am starting to do ps3 game LP's/Walkthrough's and i wanted to know if i can use a vga to component like this
    with a vga switch(to switch between ps3 and pc)

    i wanted to do something like this because i have to bring my pc to my ps3/tv everytime i want to capture gameplay, i would rather just bring my ps3 to my pc and i am not the only person that uses my pc, even thought i am the one that bought it for 1000€(my mom has to go on f**king facebook when every she want)

    my moniter is a Acer X193HQ
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    You need to check to see if PS3 supports RGB signal over component cable. Component cable by default uses YPbPr which is not the signal VGA is using.
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    no you can't use that. that is for some projectors etc which can accept component input from vga port.

    you need a box with an active decoder in it which can transform YPbPr to RGB.
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    Considering that its an LCD monitor you are going to use I would like some more information. Does it have a DVI input? Would it be new enough to support HDCP? If it has at least a DVI input but no support for HDCP then there are tools out there that may be used.

    In regards to VGA on the PS3 is not officially supported unlike the xbox 360 (excluding the E model). An option you may see in the options menu is to output in RGB although this outputs under SoG which is a type of signal a VGA monitor does not expect. A VGA monitor needs a separate Horizontal and Vertical sync in addition to the RGB signals.