PS3 Freezing Issue

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Ok, so I have a 40gb fat PS3. (Not backwards-compatible.)

    Over the past week, it's been acting strangely; overheating rapidly and even flashing me the yellow light of death temporarily.

    So, I decided to look up preventive measures to take, and such, as I know that the older PS3s are notorious for these types of things.
    Things such as re-applying the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU were suggested.

    I did not have thermal paste or anything, so I decided to be stubborn and continue to try it over the past couple days.
    Soon after the overheating, it just shut off suddenly. After investigating, I discovered that the issue was with a corrupted firmware installation.
    It wouldn't shut off, so I installed a new firmware via Safe Mode and then I was back to square one: but with a new problem.

    The main troubling issue now, is that the PS3 freezes constantly. It can't even handle being on for more than five minutes at a time without
    locking up.

    Things I did to try to fix this:

    -Re-applied the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU
    -Format HDD, (there weren't any saves/game data on it, so that didn't matter)
    -Remove HDD and try a new HDD
    -Cleaned out the system's internal components.
    -System update / re-installation

    And none of the above worked.

    Also, it seems as though applying the thermal paste may have worsened the situation, as it locks up much quicker now.

    So, essentially, what I'm asking for is some kind of help with the freezing issue, if possible.
    If I left anything important out that might help, please ask...