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    I have a CECHC03 PS3 (fat) (PAL model), with a fan problem, and also a video problem. Shortly after booting the ps3, the fan speed increases and keeps increasing until its at its max. The screen also glitches with weird colors (video out is on composite) and freezes when the weird colors are shown. I have opened it up and tried turning the unit on to see if it was a ventilation problem but it gave the same results. The Power Supply for it is an aps 227. Someone gave me this ps3 for free because they were going to throw it away. Any help/suggestions for fixing this would be appreciated.

    Here is a Video of my ps3 and what happens when it is powered on:
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    Jan 14, 2009
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    Sounds like thermal paste dried up and GPU overheated. Since you are now seeing screen artifact, I can safely say that PS3 is toasted. Time to get another PS3.
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