1. Annieone23

    OP Annieone23 GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 23, 2010
    United States
    I need assistance setting up my Open PS2 Loader .7 with my network to play games. I opened up port 445 in windows firewall, and i set OPL to my computer's IP address. OPL always hangs on the number 1 in the countdown. I believe my folder is set up correctly, and has the proper sharing settings, also i installed one game (FFX) to test using usbutil 2.1, so im pretty sure thats correct.

    basically any help available is greatly appreciated, and im more than willing to dish out any information you guys need to help me get this set up. basically right now im sleep deprived from trying to troubleshoot this myself for way too late, so pardon my lack of useful information. if you feel like you can help, ask away!

    thanks a bunch,
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