PS2 Mod/board problem

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    Feb 23, 2013
    Hi guys,

    background: I have a PS2 59003 PAL with a genuine Matrix Infinity modchip installed.

    Problem. So I replaced the "50" micro fuse (PS9) on the board due to a blown fuse. But when I start the PS2 I get no signal on the TV when it should show the matrix infinity logo on startup, It then shows the picture once it reaches the main menu. The Drive doesn't work when loading any games as well. All loaded fine before replacing the fuse. The fuse is working with opl.

    See below for a picture I took before fixing the fuse. Above the PS9 fuse I might of applied too much heat to the chip labelled when soldering the fuse next to it;

    I R 218H

    Could this chip be the problem? One of the legs does look burnt.
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