PS2 Fat help. No Display.

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    Jul 17, 2008
    Hey guys, a little help please.

    I was playing my PS2 Fat (110v, but i use a power converter / transformer to be able to use it since we use 220v). I was using FMCB enabled OPL and playing God Hand.

    Suddenly my game froze. First time it happened to me. As in, it just froze. All sounds display, everything. So i reset the PS2 thinking its my HDD connector having problems. After i reset, nothing. Green Light is on, Eject button Blue light is on. But there is no display. I checked everything, connections and all, they are good and ok.

    Whenever i will press the power button, i will hear a little sound, like a fan. But somewhat weak.. It sounds like, "tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut" or "hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" every time i will press that power button. So what happened to my PS2? Can it be fixed?

    EDIT = The fan at the back is working and spinning. I can feel it blowing wind.

    UPDATE = I tried powering on the PS2 hoping it will go again but nothing. However, after a few resets, it came back on. I was able to go to OPL but when I am choosing a game it froze again. I reset and i am back to where i was. No display but power is green.
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  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Yes, there is a fan (and it has 2 speeds depending on whether the ethernet/hdd card is enabled or not)

    The sounds you described resemble the normal noise of a switching power supply, but if they are too loud they point to an overload, usually due to a shorted component

    You say you use a voltage halver, are you sure it's a power transformer and not a diode/triac type (which is only good for resistive loads)?

    Can you try without the network adapter? (never connect or disconnect it with the power switch on the back enabled, it's one of the few things where non-hotpluggable is not just a disclaimer)
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    Sorry, no help, but it sounds pretty much like my current situation with my desktop pc, other than just using regular old US power.
  4. nodnyl10

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    Jul 17, 2008
    Yes my voltage halver is a transformer. I used to use it on my previous Xbox 360 since its also 110v. I tried to power on without any HDD or memory cards. Same problem.

    At times, there will be a chance it will show the screen. The browser screen i mean, which means i am able to power it on properly. But after a few minutes, 2 more or less minutes, it will freeze and i am back to square one. I think the ratio of it powering on properly is 1 out of 10.