PROGRAMMERS take note: Animanatee as a Rotoscope App

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    Remember Animanatee, the DS homebrew animator software? Well, remember the music video for A-ha's 'Take Me On'? (here: ) Or the movie Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly? (Darkly here: )

    This animation method is known as Rotoscoping, where images from film are traced over, to make a cartoon that moves as fluidly as video/film.

    Imagine using Animanatee to do this!
    I have an e-mail out to the developer of Animanatee, Deku, with no response so far. It's likely this is an old e-mail he does not use anymore.
    If ANYONE else would like to open up the possibility of Rotoscoping in Animanatee, all one needs to do is look at the source code (from Deku's site: ) and create a program that converts a series of images (.bmp, .gif, whatever format you can get to work for this) into Animanatee's saved file format, found when you save an animation onto your flashcard as a ".ANM" file.

    Animanatee has two layers, BACKGROUND (behind everything else), and FRAME (foreground, people, moving stuff). This program should take the images and convert them to a .ANM in which the images are PUT IN THE BACKGROUND LAYER. This is the only proper way to enable Rotoscoping.

    See? With this possible, all you'd have to do is use a program (freeware ones exist) that takes video files and converts them to individual BMP (or whatever format) image files....then convert the series of images into an .ANM file, open in Animanatee, and trace away! Keeping things in the background layer in the converted .ANM means you can trace over it, and then delete the original video-captured Background frame afterwards, if you want. Then you can save it, and export your Rotoscoped animation as an .AVI file.

    ANIMANATEE WOULD BE THE FIRST PORTABLE ROTOSCOPING PROGRAM (that I know of) if someone can create the tool I've described. And as anyone who's seen the clips above knows, that would be all kinds of badass.
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    A note to all staffers, this fellow is not a spambot. [​IMG]
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    I remember someone spamming this program all over the forum before... Hmm if he isn't a spambot what is he?
    EDIT: Nah, wrong program. The other program had videos of stickmen only. :\
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    Good thing you told us Ace. It sounds like a bot to me but it does have interesting ideas.
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    First of all, my thread originally got deleted within a day of posting. No e-mail, no PM, no warning, no explanation, nobody claiming responsibility. And not by a bot, by a person.
    Ace had to put this post AND MY ACCOUNT back online after I found a gbatemp IRC link and told him what happened. Some fucking welcome. So, who deleted this post and banned my account without so much as a warning, or, say, READING THE POST? Please point him out so I can look up his posts and laugh at their pointlessness and lack of coherent spelling. I took the liberty of posting the logic GBAtemp currently applies when deleting your posts and account, if you can call it logic. Apparently reasons for an instant deletion and exile from the site include:

    -that i posted the thread in the exact right place
    -directed the post towards coders specifically in the topic
    -know what the fuck i'm talking about despite having no programming knowledge myself beyond BASIC
    -can type in complete sentences and be descriptive
    -even included video references to better illustrate my point

    And even after deletion and restoration.... the only replies i get are from people who DIDNT EVEN READ THE POST! Where did you people go to school?
    Bots? Really? Have you EVER even gotten an automated post, ever? You have a fucking CAPTCHA upon registration, and nobody has ever heard of this place, so that pretty much means NOBODY would bother to sic a 'bot' on GBAtemp. Do you even know how those 'bots' work? I'm leaning towards 'durrrrh, nope!' Shit, you clearly have a PERSON in charge of figuring out what spam is(smart people use automated code for that), and they have no functioning brain cells left.

    It's fine for the average person who reads or posts here to be a braindead fucktard, but for god's sake, stop putting them in charge.

    Consider yourselves in the presence of a fucking messiah that I take a second out of my day to post ANY useful information in such a wasteland as gbatemp, ever again. Now stop straining those eyes and get back to trying to suck your own dicks.