ProDG setup: how to boot a game from a network location

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    This tutorial will explain the step necessary to use your ps3 with ProDG and stream game data from your computer to your ps3, the method also enables the use of real time editing/cheating.

    Here’s the advantages of network loading:​
    • Faster seek time and load time (with gigabit Ethernet)
    • No 4GB file size limit
    • Cheap to implement if you have a computer with lots of hdd space
    • No need to FTP your games to your ps3
    Section 1: setting up your ps3 and pc

    1. In order to use ProDG you first need to be in DEX
    Here is a quick guide to put a ps3 using REX firmware in DEX mode with rebug toolbox​

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    2. Configure your both your PS3 and PC network option to have a specific ip address, preferably out of your router DHCP range if your router assign random addresses or just high addresses (like and

    3. in Rebug toolbox, in the selector menu:
    XMB operation mode : REBUG​
    Debug Menu Type : DEX​

    4. in your ps3 xmb go to option-> debug menu (last one on the bottom) then :
    release check mode : development mode​
    boot mode : system software mode​
    network settings for debug : single settings (dual settings can be used for wifi, not recommended)​

    6. Install the latest version of Multiman

    7. Install ProDG on your computer (ProDG is an official ps3 dev tool from Sony and can't be linked in this forum for copyright reason), then run target manager server and have it scan your ps3 ip range, if your ps3 in powered on, target manager should be able to see and connect to it.

    8. download DEX game mounter, the latest version can also be found in the links section of Multiman ( called "mmDM mmRAS").

    9. Start "Dex Game Mounter",(dex game mounter won't load if target manager isn't running and connected to your ps3) on start it will make you choose your default game folder, where your ps3 disc backups are, and it will tell you to set Target manager "app_home" drive letter to "x:\" (the letter may vary). If set properly, covers of games in your game folder should appear in the game mounter software

    optional: for REX user, in DEX game mounter, in the settings, uncheck "convert game to DEX on mount"​

    10. In target manager, right click on your ps3 and choose "Set File-Serving Directory (app_home/)" and choose the drive indicated in step 9

    Section 2 : loading and playing games

    1. With ProDG target manager loaded and connected to your ps3, start DEX Game mounter and double click on the game you want to play.

    2. on your ps3, start multiman, go to mmos (last menu on the left), open PS3 ROOT, then browse to "/app_home/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/" and double click eboot.bin. multiman will quit like usual when loading a game

    3. in ps3 gameOS click "/app_home/PS3_GAME/" like usual and your game will start.
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