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    May 17, 2008
    I have a USB Bluetooth adaptor that worked well with Bluetooth Nintendo controllers via the Widcomm stack.

    This morning I was doing something and I used Zadig to install the WinUSB driver for this Bluetooth adaptor, but it isn’t compatible. Of course I want to uninstall the WinUSB driver, and that’s easy enough using either Device Manager or usbdeview. However, even when I choose to delete the driver files, the WinUSB driver is automatically associated with the device again as soon as I plug the adaptor in. Since installing the WinUSB driver, the Widcomm installer does not recognise the device, and so will not work with it.

    What can I do? Annoyingly System Restore has chosen this time to fail, so that isn’t an option. Rolling back the driver is also not possible.


    Fixed. Finally. Well, fixed as far as removing the driver that Zadig installed...

    I followed this guide: http://www.smallbulb.net/2013/287-detaching-ms-windows-libusb-driver

    Since this info isn't easy to find, I'm including the steps here so that others may still resolve this issue if that page vanishes. I did a bit of testing and found that steps 1 and 6 are not necessary. Repeat step 4 multiple times for each instance of the driver:

    1. Disconnect the device.
    2. Run cmd.exe and type in to open devices management:
    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    3. In menu click – View – Show hidden devices.
    4. Right click on your device and click Uninstall.
    5. Go to a hidden directory c:\windows\inf and delete those oem*.inf files which contains a reference to your device.
    6. Remove original libusb driver/zadig directory because Windows might look for all known places to find a device driver.
    7. Reboot.
    8. Connect – MSW should ask you for drivers for a new device.
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    Nov 20, 2009
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    Hey mate, I'm on the same boat, and I've tried the same (somewhat) steps.
    Was hoping you could give further insight.


    2) Is it basically just launching the device manager and showing hidden devices? (aka point 3?)
    5) I have a LOT of oem*.inf files there, obviously I was kinda reluctant about deleting them all, is it a specific one I need to delete or something?
    6) Do you mean the Zadig.exe file? because that's basically all I downloaded/ran (don't see any extra files on desktop)

    After trying to roll back the Zadig driver (I think I tried all the options for the BT 10 Device) and finally left it as WinUSB is that correct? should I do something else?

    Currently the BT dongle shows ups as "BT DONGLE10" on Device Manager under Univer Serial Bus Devices, and if plugged into another PC it works just fine, (so can tell it's just a driver issue)

    Any help would be appreciated
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