Problems with VBA GX

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    Hi guys, I have some uncool problem with the VBA GX.
    After choosing the game I'd like to play and loading I am able to hear the sounds of the game but the Wii completely loses the signal to my LCD (resulting in the LCD saying "No signal").

    This problem occured after I updated my Wii via the newest Modmii and IOSmii to play the newest games.
    On another forum I have been told to follow a basic hacking tutorial ( ), but it did not change anything and nobody is able to help me.
    The version of the VBA does not matter as well, as none of them work.

    On a side note I was unable to play Mario Strikers Charged Football (Wii) after the update, too.
    It did not lose the signal to the LCD but froze at the very beginning. Again the game was playable before.

    For matters, I'm on 4.3E having an old Wii which is able to play burnt DVDs.

    Thanks in advance.