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    Jan 11, 2020
    Hi All,

    First of all, thanks in advance for all the help, I'm a total newbie here, so please bear with me and my questions. I hope this is the right forum, by the way.

    Recently we bought a 2nd hand Wii console (Ver. 4.1E), with a few new games. However, the games could not be ran because the console could not be updated (Error Code 32004).

    After reading a bit online, I pressed the reset button for a few seconds and voila! the priiloader menu appeared (priiloader v0.5 (beta v4)). Unfortunately, when I select any of the options in the menuy I receive error messages, for example:

    Homebrew Channel --> Error autobooting HBC. maybe title not installed?
    System Menu Hacks --> Failed to mount FAT device. Cant find Hacks.ini on NAND

    So now I´m kind of stuck. The irony of all this is that what I really want is not to hack the Wii, but to play those games. So I wonder, is there a way to undo this, so I can get the updates without the Error Code 32004? would it be risky or complicated?

    On the other hand, I read somewhere that via the priiloader menu -> System menu hacks, I could block the disk and online updates and I assumed this would help me with the update issue we are having, and therefore allow us to play the new games. is this be correct? If so, what´s missing in this priiloader? do I need to reinstall?

    Thanks a lot guys
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