Problems After Formating a Modded Wii U

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    Oct 16, 2015
    Hello, guys. Need some help here. I just bought a Wii U with some games installed via WUP Installer, and using Mocha CFW (browser method). I Formated this WiiU, this way I could delete all NNID and junk games installed on it. But I got a BIG problem, 'cause after formating the system, both "Disk Icon" and "vWii Icon" disapeared! The system is on 5.5.1 with the UPDATE folder deleted, so I dind't Update and still don't know if it's safe. I contacted the old user, and he said he had used RegionHax, and probably this is the cause of this problem. Also, after accessing MOCHA and trying to boot HBC, the WiiU stucks on a black screen. Is there a way to get region Lock back and/or make the Disk ico and vWii icon back to Home Menu WiiU? Thanks for any help.
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    i dont think you can reformat a hack WIIU without problems..