Problem with wii and a HDD

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Hi everyone :lol:,
    i recently got a HDD ,its a SATA drive in a case for usb, samsung HD322HJ, my wii drive read discs but i want to preserve him in good state,
    but when i plug in wii, image got strange, like a small interference, nothing that make gameplay impossible but gets annoying with time,
    when i plug usb in wii, even with HDD turned off i still see him (my wii use component cables)
    my question is: there's a problem keep with that? my wii will not screw up? there's a way to fix that? The gameplay works fine, games and everything, except that.

    and another unrelated question, there's much benefits on use (?)neek?
    whats better version in general? Whats better, run from sdhc or hdd? bootmii@boot2 makes any difference?
    thanks for everything and sorry if i did it wrong.