Problem With updating emunand

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  1. DJravingMonkey

    DJravingMonkey Member

    Oct 11, 2009

    I am on sysnand 9.2 I just installed menuhax so i don't have to use uncomfy browserhax any longer.

    Afterwards i booted to my emunand and it wanted to update, i gave it a shot and the update applied in no Time. When rebooting emunand it ends in a Black screen every Time.

    I started over With formatting emunand from Gateway launcher. Again it was asking for a System update which again applied in no time and resulted the Same Black screen.

    The next Time i formatted emunand again With Gateway launcher but this Time i factory Reset the emunand in System settings and Afterwards started System update manually After a Reboot.

    Now everything works fine, so i think i have a corrupt update which is transferred from sysnand to emunand everytime i Format emunand With Gateway launcher.

    Is there a way to Get rid of it without factory resetting so I don't loose my System saves, mii Data and so on in emunand?

    Kind regards!

  2. Minasodrom

    Minasodrom GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 17, 2015
    should be the folder for the themes in extradata folder on your sd.
    try to find your system specific one.
    if its not that backup and delete everything on sd and try to find what makes your 3ds blackscreen.
    had that same issue.
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  3. DJravingMonkey

    DJravingMonkey Member

    Oct 11, 2009
    I redid everything and it appears, that it works but the start of the homemenu is very unstable, most times it appears but often there is only the black screen like before.
    Before the update 90% of the time it worked now it is more like 60% I will keep an eye on this.
    Also: when I start the nintendo mailbox the preparing weel seems to turn forever... I am wating for minutes now, does not seem to work.
    except this everything seems to work now on 10.7 emunand.
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