Problem with thye gamepad (battery maybe?)

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    So, since today, I just can't play my wii u because of the gamepad having a problem
    When I plug it in, the orange led lights up for like 2-3 seconds then turns off.
    and my AC cable is problematic, some wire inside it are broken, so I have to have it in certain position to charge the gamepad.
    However, when it's not charging anymore, the gamepad automatically turns off completly.
    Could this mean the battery is broken?
    I mean, if it's nopt plugged at all, it turns off (not the console) without showing that red flashing LED.
    If I need to buy another battery, I need to be sure 100%( or at least 90%) that its the battery
  2. Trylk248

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Hello. First of all, get another cheap charger. I use the EbGames Biogenik Wii U Gamepad USB and it works like a charm.

    Now that you got the charger, plug in the gamepad and play. If the probleme doesnt occurs when plugged, its the battery being cuz u said the ac charger is kinda broken so thats why i tell u to get a lil backup charger.

    Tell me the results.

    Oh by the way!!! Nintendo will repair your Wii U Gamepad for 100$. Do u wanna pay that SHITLOAD for a repair? Probably not.
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