Problem with softmodded wii 4.2e

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    Nov 30, 2006
    Okay guys, im having a problem with my wii recently having installing some cios for GH5, since doing that im having alot of problems with the wii, such as the homebrew channel will sometimes bring up a black screen, if i load up the usbloader gx it freezes when loading the usb device also when either pressing the return to wii menu or the power button on my wii it brings up a black screen and leaves my wii switched on, i'm roughly guessing im having a problem with one of my cios on the wii which is causing the problem but can't seem to find out which one.

    just to make it clear that the wii worked perfectly fine before installing the cios for gh5 only since then i've been having the problem.

    Managed to get it to work using a trucha bug signer nevermind