Problem with saving on AK2

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    I can get roms to load, but I can't save. I even tried using a downloaded save for Soul Silver and Platinum, and that took me to the menu screen where you can select your file or mystery gift or whatever. I click on it, the screen flashes black and seems to load the save, but then it reverts back to the beginning of the game where you name your character and the Proffessor asks for help. I try to start from there and create a save file and when it gets to the point where I am able to save I do. I turn it off and try to start again and its like I never saved, I am starting a whole new game again.
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    fake card?
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    You haven't given us any good info. "I have this one problem with this one thing doing this thing".

    You mention AK2 (yea!) but you mention if it's the 2.1 version or 2i version. What's your hardware ID?What firmware are you using, AKAIO or Official? Which version? Are you using a DSi? What version is the DSi firmware?