Problem with finding where to go next in OoT!

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    hmm ...

    My problem us I can't find out where to go next after each major chapter in the game, like for now I met Zelda dude herself and tought me Ocarina song and I have now three blinking spots on my map, the ranch and two other ones that are probably in the mountains or so. So I made it to the ranch but couldn't do anything useful than some coky minigame ( I was hoping for some horse thingy) and after that I'm lost. and maps? LOL, most unuseful maps I've rbrt seen, they have two maps on each screen and I don't know why they even bothered with putting a map when they intentionally wanted you to suffer. Miyamoto should play Rockstar games to see how they should implement maps, not this thing with a big world view that never helps and a very very local map that I have no idea why is there.

    So how am I supposed to do where to go next? Am I missing anything?
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    Rockstar.... -_- You just didn't say that to Legend Of Zelda franchise...

    Obvious non-LoZ player is obvious

    And about where you are stuck, figure it out lol cuz that didn't make sense to me. (No offense intended)
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    The game is overloaded with tips and helping hands in the form of those stones. If you wander for ONE minute Navi starts shouting and you can tap him/her for a clue on the next destination.
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    The game flat out tells you where to go at all times. It's not exactly rocket science. I suspect essence of troll...
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    Well I don't really want to spoil it for you (& it's been a while since I gone pass that point) but a couple of tips...

    The Ranch
    The two dots close together..
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    You just said you have blinking spots on your map, so why don't you go to them and investigate? You went to the ranch, that's good. There's a lot to do there. You get an important song which you need in the game, you get a bottle which you need in the game, and you can also get a heart piece. Those are pretty big things.

    Why don't you go to the other blinking spots, I guarantee you if you actually went there before complaining about how bad the maps are (what?) you would find out what to do next fairly quickly.

    I don't know why you are complaining about the shows the entire world and every area and blinking spots on it, the mini map shows your location in your current location. IE: you are running through Hyrule Field, you stop and say "hey I need to go to the lake but where is it I'm lost" so you look at the big map and see "Oh hey, it's down to the south through a path there" so you start running and look back at the mini map and see the arrow is pointing the opposite direction, so you turn around and point yourself towards where you need to go and run there. I don't really see what's so bad about it or why you are complaining unless you are just dumb = \.

    To be honest it sounds like you're expecting the game to hold your hand, specifically tell you where to go next and every location and what to do. It's an adventure game. Look at the points of importance on the map, go adventure there and you find out what to do next, plus Navi is constantly berating you with "HEY LISTEN" if you spend 3 minutes not in the area you need to be and says "HEY LISTEN! Maybe we should investigate the great deku tree" or what have you.
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    And also if you return to your home village you can use the green rock, in this place you shlud found some really great tips, and even in this place you should know how many thing you did...
  8. Lunatics

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    Forgot about that...they even added a giant big green rock next to your house and in the temple of time that gives you video and tells you what to do for where you are at...
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    I found myself lost a couple of times in the game as well. Navi mostly gives you useless tips and is quite annoying. The Sheikah stone you can crawl into in the Temple of Time is more useful but sometimes doesn't give you the step you need to progress.

    Specifically I got stuck before the Shadow Temple because I didn't have Din's Fire and I didn't know that I needed it to advance.

    Just try out the Sheikah stone or go online and follow a guide. It's pointless to walk around with no idea where to go. Try a few things and if you run out of ideas pull up the browser on the 3ds.

    Edit: Also I have to say a lot of you are rude. If you think he's trolling, report the post or don't reply. No need to make useless comments in reply to someone asking for help. Not a productive thing to do.
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    But he's being rude to Zelda. XD
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    That's not true, for the past 5 hours of playtime Naavi has contantly told me to go to death mountain yet I have had to clear out a temple and do quite a few other things before I am meant to go there. That really annoyed me, I don't mind exploration but the plot in this game is so then it's just "ok I beat this boss yet nothing has changed, well I have to re-explore every area on the game to see what has changed."

    The game is good but I don't think it deserves the whole "best game of all time" status.
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    I can't criticise, as the first time I played LttP I had similar problems.
    What you have to realise about Zelda games is that you should do EVERYTHING you can- especially in Ocarina.
    Talk to everyone- if you think you have spoken to everyone go back at night, search buildings and go as far around the map as you can- there will be someone with a hint, a sidequest or even a free piece of heart
    If something can be grabbed, move it- blocks that you may find in obscure buildings MAY be concealing something vital, and gravestones often hide goodies (massive hint).
    If the triforce appears on the ground, whip out your ocarina and play Zelda's lullaby- you never know what will happen
    Some events only occur at night- if someone stops you during the day, come back later (and vice versa)
    Navi is annoying, and will tell you things you have to do at the end of a sequence- leaving you to figure the sequence out yourself.

    Good luck, once the first 3 dungeons are clear it becomes a lot more linear (well sort of, not technically but you get more obvious clues)
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    You know you got a lot of nerve! Saying that the best adventure game of all time should take a hint from some other game that came out what? 5 years after it? Look its called a walkthrough, its called navigation, its called investigation. You go to zoras river with a crapload of bombs, YOU BLOW UP EVERY FRIKIN ROCK YOU SEE. You cant blow it up come back when you get the hammer, thats how zelda games go. thats the formula they ALL follow. Dont like it? DONT PLAY IT. Also if your going to post a topic just to ask something ANY walkthrough could have answered then you should make your problem more clear. Did you finish the forest temple? Did you go to death mountian? Make your issue clear. This may seem mean but I get pissy when people complain about a game that not only has been simplified for the "new gamers" but is filled with SO MANY HINTS the only excuse you have for getting stuck is looking for that last damn small key in a dungeon and even then they give you a freaking VIDEO showing you how to get it.