Problem with buttons.. (PSP 1000)

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    So after getting my PSP (PSP 1000, 5.00 m33-6) out of the pawn shop I noticed something. I have to press very hard on the buttons in order for the PSP to recognize that I pressed a button. I've opened the PSP up several times since I got it back to sort out several things and try to fix the problem with the buttons, but I've not found a fix yet. There appears to be nothing wrong with it.

    Anyone know what might fix this?
  2. marcus134

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    May 7, 2011
    the first thing that crossed my mind was dirt caught between the contacts, but if you disassembled it and didn't see anything, I might have another idea.
    If the previous owner was hard on the button, it is possible that the contact board would be like a millimeter away from the button, but seem unlikely since everything is packed tight in there.

    one thing you could try: take the contact rubber from another electronic device, such as a calculator and try it with your psp, if the contact happen nicely you found your problem. you can order contact replacement form various store around the web.