Problem installing rxTools

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  1. Pikar0

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    Nov 14, 2015
    United States
    I followed the instructions of :
    In the step 3 where it says It should show you an Installation Data Suite. Press A when it completes; it should then autoboot into rxMode in Emunand. If it just brings you to the menu, select RXMODE and choose BOOT EMUNAND.

    I already have been in installation data suite and when it completed i pressed A, it went to 3ds menu and now i have 4 black icons new and nintendo anime channel badge arcade and monster hunter 4 ultimate demo special edition.

    Im pretty lost right now i dont know what to do now? did it bugged or something?

    Edit : It says my version is RX-E 7.2.0-17E , i did a reset on console and now is normal VER 7.2.0-17E everytime i go browser rxtool loads and take me again black icons and the other 3 i said , its normal?
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