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  1. Sorry for the vague title, but I started wondering about some of the earlier PS3 models that were linux capable. It got me thinking about how steam has been pushing linux a lot recently with steam os and linux versions of games. I'm not saying anything about running games off of the PS3 itself, but could a client be installed or programmed to allow the PS3 to function as a remote PC for in home streaming. I'm sure it probably cant and this has been considered before, but I'm fixed on the idea now

    Could a PS3 be used for Steam in home streaming?
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    Technically you could install a homebrew allowing for a VNC connection with your PC. Framerate might be an issue, but it's possible - you can use Remote Desktop like this.

    OtherOS functionality has been removed due to a critical vulnerability in the system, but some CFW's re-enable it under a new name - OtherOS+. That said, you won't be able to run most native Linux applications on your PS3 even with Linux installed due to architectural differences - you'd need applications specifically compiled for the CELL, so no native support for Steam, I'm afraid.
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