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    I was wondering if anyone can clear up some mysteries for me.

    Firstly i have used gateway and currently have a sky3ds. I have extracted a header and used it to play online games before. Now i decided to buy a sky3ds+ for my little brother and that the template file is no longer needed on it and uses some new file system where it will create a .cfg and i am supposed to edit it by putting in my own private header.

    Now the issues i am having is, how do i exactly find this special game key in my header file, it is named as CTR-P-AAKP.bin. when i open it with notepad it just a bunch of random letters. so i want some help in terms of finding this gamesave key and cart id which sky3ds's website didnt give me any clear info on.

    Secondly, i want to know if i would just use the gateway rom patcher by patching my header onto the game then transferring to the sd card will work or not. Or do i have to follow this new method?
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    Just open the ROM with Gateway ROM Patcher (GRP).
    What's called the Cart ID in GRP is your Unique ID the one you'll put in GAMESAVE_KEY.
    What's called Chip ID in GRP is the CARD_ID for SKY3DS (yeah I know they could have use the same names). You actually only need the first two digit, they are the manufacturer ID.
    Once the cfg is created put the Unique ID in GAMESAVE_KEY and verify that the CARD_ID start with the same digit as the manufacturer ID, if not just change them.
    Then delete the sav file and put everything back in the 3DS. You need to delete the save file because it was created without the right GAMESAVE_KEY.

    Note that with the latest firmware (112) you can put the Unique ID in the settings.txt file so every cfg file will be created with it by default. You will still need to verify the manufacturer ID, if you plan to play online with it, otherwise don't bother.
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