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    I'm a University student so printing lecture notes up to 40 pages has been happening pretty often. Recently my lexmark piece of crap printer printed twice with refill and never again. Lexmark never does well with refills, it always fails very soon. I was wondering, What's the easiest refilling ink there is? I need to print alot of shit, they are all black and white with diagrams and images, but mostly text. I am tired of spending so much money on cartridge. [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance.

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    If all you are doing is black & white invest in a laser printer, you can get them quite cheap and one toner cartridge will do a lot more sheets than the equivalent in ink jet cartridges (based on cost).

    Get the extended warranty though, because it will stop working after a pre-set limit (drum life), if you went through that many pages each year for 3 years that warranty would save you the cost of 2 printers minus the warranty.

    You can also refill the toner cartridge yourself saving more money.

    Plus they emit ozone so you are saving the planet [​IMG]
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    i'm here....silly.
    i had my printer do this on me, so i took out the printer cartridge and cleaned inside the holes (where the ink comes out) with printer cleaning solution and a cotton wool bud and did the same to the inside of the printer where they positioned (the prongs the cartridge is mounted on) and dried it off with dry cotton buds
    i ran through a head clean and a test print and it worked great straight away (better than its done in years).
    maybe if you've gone months without using it it's clogged up the slot and you need to get it cleaned up, you've not really got anything to lose by trying this [​IMG]
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    Nov 20, 2006
    Quoting myself from another forum about the "peach" system, I know its def available for HP printers, not sure about other printers though....
    when you go to refil, its a simple click out the old ink part of the print head, and pop in the new one. Very clean and simple.