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    Feb 8, 2009
    ok im considering installing preloader 0.29 i used to have 0.27 installed on my 3.2u wii, i "reformated" my wii to erase all the junk and hacks i had installed, i reinstalled the hacks i wanted and now have used waninkoko firmware updater to install 4.0 menu, i have patched ios60 to use wads i have installed on my sd card. i want to make my wii as brick safe as posible.

    my question is will installing preloader 0.29 help me to make it safe??

    will i still be able to use my wads on my sd card from the sd channel??

    i heard that preloader 0.29 has some sort of april fools joke on it?? is this true

    and finaly should i do this??? will it brick in the process

    thanks alot