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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by thatcoolguy, Apr 30, 2009.

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    Feb 8, 2009
    most of what I do on the wii just involves me going striaght to HBC, I hear about preloader and yeah i'd like to install it. what i want to ask is:

    -will it affect my ability to access the system menu at all? I mean whatever I know of preloader is just that it just autostarts homebrew channel (it automatically finds it on the NAND?)
    -is the hacks.ini mandatory? I have a 3.2E console i would just throw the 3.2E hacks.ini needed i just don't like to mess around with the system stuff unless i feel a need to
    -there is apparently a option to skip disc updates, but does this apply to the USB loader? do games auto update just like that without prompting you first?

    most importantly i have a wii that will NOT start custom channels. they will install successfuly in wad manager but will simply reset the wii when i attempt to start them. will this affect the preloader installation at all?

    preloader looks like it messes around alot with the critical system stuff i just felt the need to ask this thanks alot if you can help
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    the access is just fine. and it can start into the HBC or system menu or load it's self at boot.

    It is not but I would advise it.

    It can't auto update no matter what is done. this allows one to play games that otherwise would require a update before playing. Simply because the older software is more "Hackable" it's desired not to update where possible. Although many are starting to move to 4.0 for the system menu.

    Oh and with 3.2 you need preloader v.28 or older.