PPSSPP~Weird Not-Vsync in fullscreen?

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  1. Skaidus

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    Dec 22, 2017
    I have a problem. When I emulate in fullscreen, its as if v-sync doesnt work.

    An example, when im not moving in the game, it looks like this:
    | |
    | |
    But when I move:
    | |
    ' | |
    Weird example, i know. I hope you understand it like that.

    Its strange because if I start the game, and then change the zoom in settings to any other value, the issue disappears. But I have to do that each time and gets a bit anoying.

    I use directX 11. If I change to OpenGL or amy other it disappears, but I would like to stay with directX 11 as its quite powerful while in 300% speed. Also I use nvidia geforce gtx 950M.

    I have tried like everything. V sync in the PPSSPP menu, in the nvidia's control panel...

    It would be awesome if someone could gimme some advice
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