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    Feb 7, 2011
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    Thank you for the suggestion. The n2oswitch file isn't available in the Postloader download. I tried with "neek2obooter.dol" but that didn't work.

    The neek2o features work fine in version 4.7.4 without the n2oswitch file present. I'm going to stick with this version unless I find a way to get 4.7.96 to work properly.

    4.7.4 does everything I need except for launching GC games with Nintendont. As a workaround, I launch USB Loader GX from Postloader and then I select the GC game that I want to play.
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    Apr 11, 2018
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    Poking around for different launchers/custom UI screens for an unconventional Wii installation (car entertainment system), Postloader's customization actually seems really close to what I want to do. But, I need to be able to navigate without a sensor bar for this to work properly. I'm guessing since the D-pad is mapped to change modes, there's no way to use it to navigate titles on screen, right?
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