ROM Hack Pokesav Freezing Issue


Oct 11, 2009
United States
Alright, so I have around 102 hours in my Pokemon Black English Patched game. I use pokesav to check the IV's and EV's of my pokemon and that's about it. Last night, I had used pokesav to mark (put the little symbols) on all my pokemon that have 31 IVs in their stats (like for 31 Sp. Atk I put the little star). I marked all the pokemon with 31's in my boxes, and one of my party pokemon.

After that's all done, I turn on the game and scroll through my boxes, and it freezes. Like the music is playing fine and everything. but it freezes suddenly. I realized this happens only with two boxes (My baby box and my ghost box, which are right next to each other), but every other box (even with marked pokemon) are fine. I can also tamper with both baby and ghost box's, it's only when I try to switch from those boxes that it freezes. For example, I go to my baby box, put some pokemon in my part, click on "jump" and the game freezes. If I click the arrows, the game also freezes.

I tried a clean rom, patched with both rudolph and V4 English, and it still gives me the issue. Everything was fine before I marked them with pokesav, so I assume that's the issue. My stupid mistake was not backing up my "sav" file. I haven't tried going into Pokesav and unmarking them all, so I don't know if that'll solve the issue.

Any advice?

Edit: Oh right, I'm using Akaio 1.8.1.

Update: Looks like I fixed it, I kept fooling with pokesav and renamed the box in between Ghost/Baby. The box was named Shiny's, I might have renamed it in Pokesav or something (I don't think I did), but I renamed it to "Box19". Then ingame, it worked. Guess it wasn't the markings after all.

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