Pokemon SoulSilver Freeze Fix

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Sorry if this is the wrong section. I'm playing Pokemon SoulSilver with my Acekard 2i, running the latest AKAIO firmware.

    Now that I've gotten to the city w/ the burned tower. Since I've been here, every time I save, battle and almost every time I go in/out of a building, my game freezes up.

    I currently have 1 translation patch on my rom.

    I went to the AR Cheats list & selected "Game Enabler" code. Is that just like the old "M" codes?

    I think I saw an anti-freeze patch somewhere. If it works, someone should add it to the GBATemp Cheat Code list.

    Does anyone know why the game is freezing up, or how to fix it? Can I use the NO$GBA anti-freeze patch to fix it on my Acekard?

    Thanks [​IMG]

    EDIT: I'll try asking this in the NDS Games section. (Since I'm not stuck in the game. I'm just having problems w/ the game)

    EDIT 2: Never mind. Fixed