Pokemon Smaragd-Edition Clock fix

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    Hello there.

    I was annoyed that my German version of Pokemon Emerald (Pokemon Smaragd-Edition) would always complain about the battery being dry on my Flash Cards (all of which don't sport an RTC). GBATA, which patches ruby and spahire just fine, doesn't allow you to patch Emerald. So I found this thread for a patch. Unfortunatelly, this doesn't work on the german ROM either, so I decided to port this patch to the german version of the game. I figured other people might want it as well, so here it is in ips and xdelta format. The patch has been tested with the german rom from the no-intro set called "Pokemon - Smaragd-Edition (Germany)"

    PS: if someone can help me porting over these patches, I would appreciate it.

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    Thanks a lot! Just what I was looking for.

    Sorry for necro-bumping.