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Mar 13, 2021
Hey, as seen in the title, i want to try translating the pokemon rom hack called "Renegade Platinum", the thing is i dont really know where to start, i have a programm to edit text (DSPRE) and i've seen text archives, but the thing is renegade platinum changes a lot, so i dont really know where to start, i obviously cant just copy and paste the text archives. (i tried that and it makes sense that it doesnt work), so my question is, for translating this, would i need to play the game and speak with every npc to get the info i need? that i know what text has changed? there needs to be a more efficient way to do that right? i hope at least. sadly Drayano60 the creator of this hack, does not kept any info what text he changed, that would have made my life easier, is there some efficient way to see exactly what i need to change?, i mean the xdelta patch is patching these things so it knows what it needs to change the info is there but, i never heard of anyone opening/editing/viewing a xdelta file.
recently i read about "thenewpoketext" and tried it out with Renegade platinum, but it didn't work if i try to extract the rom with thenewpoketext it just spells out an "Cannot create temp Folder..." its the same with the German rom of pokemon platinum that i have,i dont know much about the program, maybe someone can help me out here.
Any suggestions?.

Thanks in advance.

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