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    To begin this thread, this is my first time joining and posting in this forum. I have been lurking around this forum for the whole day (today) and I have visited several stickies (including the FAQs and the massive list of cheats). With that in mind, I feel that I have not seen a problem similar to mine (or not one that I have already seen) If this is posted in the wrong section or is already addressed elsewhere ( that I have not seen yet) then I apologize. :)

    I've been experiencing this problem when activated with Pokemon Platinum (US). I would like to tell you the chronological order of things I have done today so you can all grab a better picture of what the problem is.

    - I installed Pokemon Platinum (US) on EDGE flashcart (v1.5) and proceded to start the game only to find out that the current cheat DB I had on my flashcard did not have cheats for Platinum.

    - I browsed through the forum sticky and found a very useful link that had the latest cheat DB, which I downloaded of course.

    - I installed the cheats DB on my flashcart as cheats.dat as opposed to EDGEcheats.dat because with the latter, no cheats appeared.

    - I began a new game in Platinum with my selection of cheats selected. Nothing unusual (2x EXP, all ITEMS, catch opponents' pokemon, 100% catch rate, 2x movement rate, fast text, max money (this one failed) )

    - I pleasantly found out all of my selection of cheats (with the exception of max money) worked. So I proceeded to start the game around 15 minutes or so before saving and turning offNDS. I have done this in order to restart the DS so I could activate and experience with more cheats.
    This is when the problem starts:
    - So I begin to activate more cheats for Platinum (pokemon learn any TM/HM, can walk through walls, you get the idea)

    - I start the game with cheats. *This is where you would normally see first few scenes of the game prior to the main menu*

    - So I select my save file and I select it. What happens next? The game loads up to the last saved point right? Wrong. As I select my save file, the game "restarts itself" to the point where you would be after starting the game after selecting your cheats. So in other words, I would have to select my file TWICE before the game loads to the last saved point.

    - NONE of the cheats I had selected worked. So I turned off the game (without saving) then selected my first selection of cheats which worked.

    - I load the game and the same thing happens. I select continue, game restarts, I select continue again. This time though, the cheats which had worked earlier, did not work. ANY of them did not work.

    Summary: When I use cheats, the game automatically "soft resets" itself when I try to load a saved file.

    Any suggestions or solutions? If this has been corrected somewhere else, please link me. Many thanks. :)
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