Pokemon HGSS Hoenn Legendary Hack

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    Mar 22, 2008
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    I was playing my SoulSilver and had the idea
    "What would happen if I got the other orb and went to the Embedded Tower?"
    So I got PPSEDS and hacked in the Red Orb to my brothers completed HeartGold version, went to the tower and...
    nothing. Damn. So, I created a hacked Deoxys Distro Card event and sent it over.
    Wait, I should probably mention I did 2. The Red Orb and The Jade Orb.
    So I sent them over.
    When I went to pick them up, the deliveryman gave me both items as usual, but when I checked my bag, only the Jade Orb was to be found.
    "Strange" I thought to myself.
    And, now, I'm typing up this post hoping that I might spark some interest into this case and maybe get some other people helping me out with it.
    Suggestions are accepted. I'm not trying this on a retail game until I find a way to do it on a pirate copy.

    Slightly off topic: With the Lock Capsule, can't someone hack the game and find out what to do with it?