Hacking Pokemon and Zelda GBA emulation


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Oct 6, 2007
Hey :) I'd like some personal experience and any factual information that you can give me regarding this topic. Anything is appreciated.

I'm thinking of getting a SCDSTWO now that I have the money, or just replacing my Acekard2i with a newer hardware model since I have really old hardware that prevents me from updating my Acekard2i.

What I want to know is how well each of the Pokemon and Zelda games run.

Please tell me if there are any compatibility issues with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Pokemon Pinball Ruby/Sapphire, as well as Zelda Minish Cap and the Zelda Link to the Past/Four Swords remake game. If at all possible, please let me know if the Super Mario Land remake games work as well, because classics are awesome. :)

I understand I may need to patch some roms for clock function in Pokemon, and if those patches are available, that's not an issue. I'm usually pretty good about finding this stuff myself :)

This is the deciding factor, trying to decide whether the SCDSTWO is worth the extra $20 versus the Acekard2i.

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