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    New to the 3DS scene and wanted to see if anyone could point in me in the right direction, if there is anything I am missing, or could improve upon. Through a CraigsList trade I have in my possession:

    3DS XL Retro NES Edition (newest firmware)

    Sky3DS cart

    R4i SDHC RTS 3DS cart

    As well I have 3 64 GB microSD cards, a 16 GB microSD card, micro to SD adapters for them all, and the 4 GB SD card that the system originally shipped with.

    What I have done so far:

    Installed newest firmware (probably shouldn't have, but oh well, too late)

    Using Sky3DS I have used Cubic Ninja and have installed NinjaHax 2.0

    Used Sky3Ds to play 3DS roms

    Used R4i SDHC 3DS to play some DS roms.

    Used Homebrew launcher to play around with some emulators

    Used R4i to play around with some emulators.

    My questions:

    1) I have seen some stuff thrown around about R4i firmware and kernels. Could someone link me to the most recent of the two? I am sure I have the newest firmware, but not sure abou the kernel.

    2) I would prefer to use either the R4i card or the homebrew launcher to play emulators, not both. Are the emulators for the R4 or Homebrew further advanced? Could you tell me the better emulators for the following systems? Not opposed to running both to get better emulators in each direction.






    TurboGrafx 16


    3) I see some people around thrashing some o3DS, saying it will never run (fill in the blank emulator)? Is this true? With systems like the PSP running nearly everything under the sun perfectly, I would think it's just more a matter of time.

    4) What should be my "bibles"? For instance there is the xda forums for phones, android police, and other resources. What are the "go to" places to keep up on the various developments? Maybe some threads to keep bookmarked?