Plz Help! Which flashcard should i buy? :)

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by smartcookie20, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. smartcookie20

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    Sep 21, 2012
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    Ok i know this question has probably been asked a dozen or so times lol but im really confused as to which flashcard would be the best for me.

    All i want is to play DS, GBA and GBC games, nothing else really. I hear some do video and music but i dont need all that so basically I just want the gaming part of these cards but some are so expensive and I'm not exactly the richest college student in the bunch lol.

    Any reccomendatons will be gladly appreciated. :)
  2. Dark

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    Jul 6, 2008
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    I would reccommend the DSTWO since you want to play GBA roms along with the DS roms.

    DSTWO is the pricest card though =/