Plz help on using 3TB External HDD on Wii and run Metroid Other M

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  1. DarkStalkerBR

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    Sorry if I post this on wrong section.

    I'm following gbatemp for a time and get impressed with how the Wii homebrew scene is geting better.

    But I suffer so much with a variety of problems using Wii that unfortunately I'm getting more focus on solving problems than really playing.
    Thats annoying!

    I'm trying to finish my Wii system for Wi/GC/NES/SNES/GENESIS/GBA.
    Just want a smooth play, without thinking if my Wii will freeze on next cutscene or on loading a game.

    For sure, there are games that need to set up different ios number to play, but this is not the problem if I know that number.
    As you see, I'm not a geek here and just want to play!

    Last week I bought a 3TB USB 3.0 Seagate external desktop drive, and been creating a library of games adding some new to what I already have.
    This HDD has been formated for 800GB for Wii using FAT32 and 1,94TB in NTFS, using MBA mode, since I have other problems using GPT.

    Most games work now using USB Loader GX, but one that I want so much simply doesn't: Metroid Other M.
    This freezes not exactly on the famous baby's cry scene, but after She speaks Baby's Cry and go to the Game Name, she gets her spaceship to landing on something. So, that's where the game crashes.

    I'm using d2x v9 rev49 (fix) and the game crashes. Reading about these problem, it's recomended to use Hermes... I did with Hermes v4. The game won't load, just get black screen.
    So I update to Rodries Mod, and get the same.... I'm think that that is incompatible with the HDD.

    I try d2x using different IOS and get the same black screen.

    Reading more about the problem, I see that the problem is with the split of Wii Backup Manager, spliting the cutscene.
    So, last night I did try to use that wbfs splited files to create a new single wbfs on my NTFS partition, using Wii Backupo Manager. In the hope that this will finally solve my problem, I did and get
    the same black screen, using that same IOS config that at least loading and run the game.

    What I have to do so I can play Metroid Other M and the other games?!

    Here is my syscheck and really apreciate some help, anything you can see that's not right not just for Metroid Other M.
    I'm using last version of USB Loader GX and last version all others applications installed.
    I'm just do not try to install DML for GC. That will be the next step.

    Sorry for my bad english and for the long text.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
  2. Lacius

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    May 11, 2008
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    I would first try using a different loader like Configurable USB Loader (update boot.dol with the latest mod). If that doesn't work, then it might just be a bad dump. Your sysCheck looks fine. The game should work flawlessly using CFG Loader and IOS249[56]. I highly doubt the problem is your USB hard drive.
  3. DarkStalkerBR

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    Hi Lacius, thx for your fast reply.

    I had CFG USB Loader installed 2 weeks ago, but in this atualization of my system (including cfg loader) it starts to give me MEMORY OVERLAP errors.
    After 3 consecutive errors during game load, the game finally starts.

    Because of a possible erros this can have on the game, I remove it and start using USB Loader GX again.
    It have no erros, until Metroid Other M.

    But I did what you sugest and reinstall the lastest cfg loader and his mod.
    In Metroid Other M not splited on NTFS, the cfg loader give me the 3 memory overlap errors but now I can pass from the freeze point of usb loader gx.

    I don't have much time, so I pass the freeze point and turn off the Wii. Later at home I will try the FAT32 splited game and see what happens.

    But, what is this Memory Overlap in CFG Loader that occurs in every game?
    What error this can cause?
    Can I fix it and have a easeful play?

    Other thing: What games need to set different IOS number? Can you write the game and ios number for me or send me a link to this question?

    Really appreciate if you or other member can help me.
  4. Lacius

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    May 11, 2008
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    I have no idea what's causing your memory overlap issue.

    By default, Configurable USB Loader Mod auto-loads the correct cIOS to use with each game, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. If a game doesn't work with base IOS56, then it usually requires base IOS57 (like Call of Duty: Black Ops).
  5. SpewHole

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    I have an idea what's causing it. Testing a 3 TB drive, I'm getting the same error:

    Mario Kart Wii

    [RMCE01] 2.58GB IOS36

    [+] Booting game, please wait...

    IOS(249) .....

    IOS Reload: Blocked

    Loading ....ERROR: memory overlap!

    dest: 0x812019c0 - 0x812019e0

    used: 0x80a8000 - 0x813a7a80

    The game works without noticeable issue after clicking past the error message three times in a row.

    And my 1 TB drives never generated this error message, so I think this error message has to do with the 3 TB drives specifically.

    I used a hex-editor to open my 3 TB drive and scrolled all the way down to the memory address 0x812019c0 and it was filled with data. I checked one of the 1 TB drives at the same address and it was cleanly filled with FF's.

    And the source-code for an older version of CFG-loader fills in another piece of the puzzle for me:

    .../* Apploader pointers */
    static u8 *appldr =(u8 *)0x81200000;...

    ...// used mem range by the loader

    //void *mem_start = (void*)0x80b00000; // as set in Makefile
    void*mem_start =(void*)0x80a80000;// as set in Makefile
    void*mem_end = memalign(32,32);
    //printf("malloc = %p sta = %p\n", mem, &ret);...

    The second mem_start is same as the starting range of the block that is complained as being used in the error messages. The static apploader directory starting point, 0x81200000 would also definitely overlap. And the number 32 is the same amount of bytes used in the memory range 0x812019c0 - 0x812019e0. So I think my current version of cfg, mod 70r65, is trying to use a 32-byte memory address that is standardly unavailable with 3 TB hard-drives.