PlayStation Experience 2015 Keynote Roundup

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    PSX 2015 Announcements - Updated in real-time - END
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    After the giant "fuck you" with ps2 backwards compatibility. I'm keeping my hopes low. However Most likely I won't be disappointed....thoughts......

    FFVII trailer rivals my "tifa's bootleg" modded copy. Whoa" definitely good news

    1:23: COD sweaty league announced. Thank God the bitch with the fake robotic clapping walked off

    1:28 : battle born looks like borderlands and destiny had a baby. Looks fun with friends.

    1:31 LOL NOBODY CLAPPED WHEN STREET FIGHTER WAS ON SCREEN. New character looks quite zany. DAT HULK HANDS XD definitely passionate about his work. Definitely like that characters will be obtainable without DLC

    1:39: no man's sky mentioned caused the biggest WoooOooOooHhhh from audience. Let's see more of it please? Audience Dead star reaction. Was. Kinda dead. AS indie titles shown. Some look good. Some meh. No Rick and Morty.

    1:44: DOTT Remastered. Childhood feels. Where's full throttle??... HOLY FUCK FULL THROTTLE. No footage or game play shown. Just announcement. Definitely exited to smell asphalt and trouble again. ;3

    1:50: don't starve multi-player. Definitely looks fun. Never played any of them so I can't comment

    1:53: old SNK neo get classic remakes. KOF looks pretty sick

    1:56: team ninja game inspired from ninja Gaiden looks like sick gory fun. NiOh

    1:59: bastion vita got quite a positive react. BIT. TRIP. ZZZZzzzz

    2:02: oh my god a violentt and realistic Rouge like? Yes. New "the show" 2016 title. Not surprised. Noticed there is a better "mvp" edition that probably unlocks disk locked content on day one. Guns up. Meh

    2:07: ratchet and clank game, movie tie in. Definitely excited LOL new ratchet and clank is family friendly. Ps2 Era definitely was not.

    2:16. PS VR announcments. Looks so fucking cool Can't afford one so no input on it. Demo had technical difficulties. Kinda a train wreck. Definitely needs more work. Rez... What the fuck is going on?
    Explanation would have been nice 2:32. Robot GOLF??... ¬_¬ Ace Combat VR looks good. Everything was pre-rendered though

    2:36. Destiny. Oh boy. Sparrow races. Looks bad ass. Only for 3 weeks!? Why not permanent?? Lol don't nerf warlocks

    2:40. Level 5 Ni no Kuni Sequel.oh shit crowd is going wild. Beautiful visuals

    2:43. Another MOBA. Paragon. we'll see if it gets to the ranks as LOL. No game play shown. All pre rendered..I'll believe it when I see gameplay
    ... Anand day one concludes....
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  3. Arras

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    I can't wait for the inevitable rage over the FF7 remake having a massively different battle system from the original.
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    That felt like a waste, most of the stuff shown were things that we've already seen, and I don't think they had ONE blockbuster announcement. At least NIOH, Ratchet, and Ni no Kuni look interesting.
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  5. stanleyopar2000

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    Agreed. Some were like "hey that looks pretty good. Looks interesting might play that" but none were like "oh my God I have to have this now"
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  6. KingVamp

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    Just wait for E3...

    That Streetfighter character reminds me of Waluigi. Pretty much rebooted Ratchet and Clank.
  7. Hyro-Sama

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    Ni no Kuni is an insta-buy for me. Loved the original.
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  8. XrosBlader821

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    Some of these animations looked recycled from FF15 but damn this FF7 remake is all I ever wanted from FF7.
  9. lismati

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    Feb 24, 2010
    Surely, they'll give us a date and a price for Playstation VR at E3, right..? Right..?
  10. Judas18

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    Jul 30, 2011
    No inFAMOUS =''''''(
  11. T-hug

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    I noticed that too when Cloud squeezes between the walls and then ducks under the rock it's identical to Noctis' movements in Episode Duscae.
    I guess when you spend 10 years on an engine and assets you may as well get the most out of them.
    Looks good but I don't like Cloud's skinny arms.