Playing online with a Pokemon OR Romhack.

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    Hello, I want to make my own Omega Ruby romhack. All I want to do is to change the music that is used when playing online. I've been using this guide but I still have some questions:

    1) Is Braindump the only way of decrypting a CIA file that is already installed in the 3DS? Is there any faster way? (because Braindump is incredibly slow).

    2) I don't care about HANS (since it's incompatible with game updates, so I wouldn't be able to play online either way). I want to repack my romhack as a CIA. The problem is, the Braindump method doesn't dump the exHeader and I need that file in order to build my romhack with 3DS Builder. What's a solution to this problem?

    Thank you a lot for your time and help.
  2. ShiroKyouma

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    Dec 29, 2015
    I'm just a noob but:

    1) Decrypt 9 (only for 9.2 or lower sysnand)

    2) With decrypt 9 method you can extract the exHeader, then 3ds rom rebuilder and then cia converter.

    Actually @Asia81 made a tutorial about ROM hacking, you can see the decrypt 9 method, 3ds ROM rebuilder and cia converter there.