Play a save data from rom to retail cardtridge ?

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  1. Biby

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    Sep 1, 2014

    I have been using a Gateway flashcart to play a scene rom of Fire Emblem Awakening (EU) and I'm wondering wether it's possible for me, after buying a retail cardtridge of the game (because I loved it and want to support the studio) to :
    -inject the .sav save data from the .3ds rom via GW menu into the cardtridge
    -play my save on the cardtridge w/ EmuNAND classic mode
    -download DLCs from E-Shop and get them to work

    I did not apply the process to convert the rom I used from .3ds to .3dz and yet I was able to retreive Spotpass extras from the Network without any issue.

    Many thanks in advance !


    -My apologies for any grammar/spelling mistake-
  2. Kaphotics

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Currently there is no method within gateway to write saves back to a cartridge; however, if you have a powersaves/cybergadget you can do it so long as the encryption is compatible (not broken 6.0+ saves).
  3. Cyan

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    if you played using .3ds, there are little chance that you will ever inject the save back into the cartridge.
    .3ds use a zero'd key.
    .3dz use a key stored in the ROM header, and it must match the key of your cartridge if you want both the cartridge and the ROM to be compatible with the same save file.

    If Gateway allow loading saves using any keys (zero'd or different one) and convert it to use the specified key, then maybe you will be able to put your save into the cartridge (which use save encryption key).
    Maybe a PC app, or a homebrew could be created to decrypt/encrypt save files. It's currently not possible.

    There is also an issue with games using the new KeyY method (games using SDK6+), and the issue that the Gateway is currently using only 512KB save files, even if the cartridge save size is only 256KB.

    That's a lot of issue that the Gateway team need to fix or find a workaround.
  4. MattKimura

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    What about transferring a save from cartridge, to Gateway, and the save is 512KB (Let's say Smash Bros for example, if it's 512)
    Will you be able to transfer this back to the cartridge with no problem? (Coming from a .3dz file)

    I plan on buying Smash Bros, but I do not want to switch out carts when I want to play the game everytime. I want to be able to use it from Gateway, then put the save on the cartridge every now and then.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    assuming your going to be using the retail cart in classic mode and if the save is 512 kb, aslong as you play the rom version using your own dump as .3dz, the save should transfer back to the cart fine
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