PkHex - Couple quick questions

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    Nov 21, 2016
    Hi trainers

    Forgive the newbie questions but research has proven a bit tricky with Project Pokemon still down - just wanted to check on a few things regarding PkHex with Sun/Moon. Just making sure I maintain legality on my save file.

    1) If I'm editing an existing Pokemon's IVs/Ability/Nature/etc do I need to reroll the PID? From what I understand that's only required for Shinies in the new games? Not sure how true this is.

    2) Do certain Pokemon (your starter/freshly caught (non-bred)/etc) have certain IV caps? Would I need to go about breeding before making higher stats to avoid any flagging mechanisms?

    3) Changing Attacks/Moves is fine assuming they're something the Pokemon could have learned normally in the first place? Do I need to touch the "Relearn Moves" section at all?

    4) The Encryption Constant doesn't need to be changed for anything besides Spinda markings, correct?

    5) Is editing basic trainer data (Money, start date, Poke Beans) completely safe? Just looking to buy TMs and short on change atm. A small problem really.​

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    Dec 21, 2014
    1. Personally I always do it with encryption constant but it's only truly necessary for shinies as far as I am aware because they remain usable.

    2. This is mainly for legendaries and events. Starters and other pokemon aren't IV locked but the chances of them having multiple 31's are extremely rare.

    3. Relearn moves are for events and hatched pokemons. No need to touch it for captured once.

    4. Don't really know about this one everything I could find about it myself it's indeed only for Spinda but they must be unique on everything anyway

    5. Yes but always make certain you have a backup of your save. While it might not go wrong with PKHex importing might have a slim chance of corrupting it.