Piers goes to the hospital.


Dec 2, 2007
United States
Im sitting in my room the evening and i was being harassed by my friend piers. He lives down the hall from me and gets in weird energetic moods when he has lots to do, but doesnt want to do it. After wrestling Rucker, Jamison, and Baber down the hall, it gets relatively quiet. Piers runs by my door and yelling and then back the other way.

I didnt know at the time but, Vos was in the lounge. which is at a bend in the hall, and there are windows in the wall between the hall and lounge. weird design or something. So vos was watching the game and said he saw piers coming at him through the window, and looked back down at the tv to see the score, and piers's foot comes through the window. Vos jumps up, and piers falls over back into the hall.

I was in my room about 20 feet away and i hear the shatter and feel the ground shake. I it sounded like someone dropped about 15 plates, but that was completely illogical especially on our floor, so i jumped up and i see piers in the hall. Im pretty sure he was in actual mental shock cause he didnt feel anything. there was alot more blood than i though. within minutes the hall was full of slack jawed students.

we cleaned him up as best we could and sent him off to the ER. His foot was all busted up and required 16 stitches. oh well. im sure hes fine, cuz on the way out the door i had to go back and get his books and lappy cause he has a paper he needs to do for tomorrow. Ha

Man. well now i can talk to people in the lounge without opening the door.

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