PicoDrive v1.51 doesn't seem to render transparency properly

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by Shinigami Kiba, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Shinigami Kiba

    Shinigami Kiba GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 28, 2007
    Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
    Until a couple months back I used to use some DGen port and that rendered games perfectly, it had some minor framerate issues but the games looked every bit as good as they should.
    After switching to - PicoDrive I noticed it wouldn't render transparency/water effects at all even on accurate rendering, I can't seem to find an option to fix this.

    I wouldn't mind sacrificing a frame or two if it means my games look better tbh, so can someone help me set up PicoDrive properly or tell me what that DGen port IIRC designed specifically to take advantage of the PSP 2000 was because despite using it since 2008 I never paid attention to the name or version.

    edit: XFD apparently I didn't have 1.51, the one with the genesis commercial from here.
    I didn't notice, I had something else.

    I think transparencies work fine now, at lest in Sonic 3 and 2
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