Photoshop request :)

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    May 13, 2009
    United States
    Ok, so I had a pet squirrel and he died on October 3rd 09. I have been meaning to get around to getting a sig made but just have been putting it off for some reason. Well now unfortunately I have another pet to include in it [​IMG]. Shortly after my squirrel (mario) died I got a gerbil and he just died about 3 weeks ago [​IMG]. So I wanted to put both of them in a signature. I have a ton of pictures on my site of both of them, not together obviously but I think someone can probably combine them. So could someone combine the two of them in a picture, put R.I.P. Mario and Luigi in it and make everything blurry except the two of them? And maybe take some of the color out of the picture or something. I'm not sure which picture would look best for a sig so can someone help me pick one for each of the animals? There are a lot to choose from: under the photos page and they each have their own gallery, mario and luigi. PM me if you are interested, thanks [​IMG].