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“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Phoenix panted, sweating lightly from his recent exertions.

“C’mon, Nick. Edgeworth had this coming for how he’s been treating you lately.” Larry Butz, bum extraordinaire and the DA’s best friend, grinned and drew his dripping rod along the hard body once more. “Lighten up, enjoy yourself!”

The lawyer shuddered, thinking of the consequences if Miles ever caught them together like this. “What if he finds out?”

Groaning, the lanky man shook his head. “He won’t find out. And even if he does, it’s not like this is permanent or anything. Just a little lighthearted revenge.”

Phoenix frowned, but did not cease his rhythmic motions, each stroke accompanied by a small wet sound.

Just as they had nearly finished, a harsh fluorescent light suddenly flicked on, revealing both Edgeworth’s figure in the doorframe and throwing a harsh glare over the torrid scene before him. Both the DA and the jack of all trades looked up, horrified, faces white, and saw the prosecutor turn a deep shade of red as he surveyed the scene.

The two men were locked into place like rabbits before a fox, fuchsia paint still dripping from the ends of their brushes to the floor of the garage.

Edgeworth’s forthcoming roar snapped them both out of their trance and they took to their heels, the demonic voice promising an unpleasant ending if they stopped running.



No idea who wrote this.
Found it on my fangirl friend's DS.
But still it was epic enough to be posted.

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